How to study Japanese using Japonia.Club Blog

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Our Japanese Learning Contents – Japonia.Club Blog

Currently we have

  1. Kanji Learning (Free)
  2. Yoji Jukugo Learning (Free)
  3. Hottest Kanji Review (Free)
  4. Learn popular sightseeing spots in Japanese – World Quiz (Free)
  5. Introduction of Japanese Culture (Free)


1.How to study Kanji with Blog

The easiest way to use our website is you type Kanji on search button and search that Kanji. Or you can see our page to show the overview of Kanji by Kunyomi Alphabetical order. Here is the page:


Kanji list overview




2.How to study Japanese Vocabulary with Japonia.Club Blog

We post Japanese Vocabulary on our Blog and Instagram. When you see the picture, please try to answer the vocabulary in Japanese. Then please check our Blog to know the answer and sentence examples.


2.1Japanese Vocabulary Overview by category


You can search Japanese vocabulary by categories.


2.2Japanese Vocabulary Overview by Vocabulary Number


The order is same as instagram order. If you want to learn vocabulary from beginning, you can use this.


3.Hottest Kanji Review

We check which Kanji is popular and we post popular Kanji every week. We make more examples for these popular Kanji for your learning.


We recommend that you check our blog to know popular Kanji and also follow facebook as we post popular Kanji there.


4.How to study Yoji Jukugo with Japonia.Club Blog

We also post Yoji Jukugo.



What is Yoji Jukugo?


Yoji Jukugo Overview




5.How to study sightseeing spots in Japanese and geography words in Japanese with Japonia.Club Blog

We post World Quiz. Please try to guess the location and answer in Japanese, when you see the picture. Then please check the blog for answer and check the sentence.


World Quiz Overview




How to learn Japanese Culture with Japonia.Club Blog

Please check our Japanese Ranking Video!



We do our best – Japonia.Club Blog

We try to improve our website and we will have more and more contents in the future so enjoy!

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