Hottest Kanji Week 4 September 2016 was 暑 (atsui)

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Hottest kanji of week 4 September 2016 was: 暑 (atsui)

Learn Kanji every day – Kanji 332: 暑 (hot)


Since this kanji became the hottest kanji of week 4 September 2016, let’s see more examples.


Additional examples of 暑 (atsui)

  • 猿太郎は暑い日は家にいる。

Sarutarou wa atsui hi wa ie ni iru.

Sarutaro stays at home during the hot days.



One example of 二次熟語(Niji Jukugo):

  • 残暑 (ざんしょ / zansho) = lingering summer heat


One example of  四字熟語(Yoji Jyukugo)

  • 暑中見舞 (しょちゅうみまい / shochu- mimai) = summer greeting card, inquiry after someone’s health in the hot season


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