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Message from Japonia.Club Blog Team: Japanese for everybody


Today more and more people learn Japanese. At first learning seems easy. Then learning becomes difficult. At some point people realize “oh I have to memorize this and this”.


I am talking not only about grammar but also about Kanji/ vocabulary. It is just practice and memorizing. But a lot of people don’t like this part.


Now here we come. We try to make the learning fun. It is just practice and memorizing but when the learning is fun, it is surely helpful.


We believe learning opportunities should be given for everybody. All of our team members have the same thought: Japanese for everybody.


We hope you enjoy our blog.

Message from Japonia.Club Blog Team: Effective way to learn Japanese

Message from a Gaijin Girl: Effective way to learn Japanese

I think that Japonia Club is an awesome blog because it teaches you a lot of interesting and useful things about Japanese culture and language. You can use it for studying kanji, vocabulary or idiomatic expressions as well as learning about Japanese culture and pop culture.

Learn Kanji every day is the best project they have by now. It consists of teaching you two or three kanji every day. Kanji are nicely written in shodo style and they come together with a strokes order chart, a cute or funny picture and a sentence example. The way they present kanji is fun and helps you memorize them fast.

Learn Japanese Vocabulary is another useful project that goes on the blog. It aims to teach you a few new words every day. Words come together with an short sentence example and a nice picture that will help you remember them easier.

Yojijukugo or idiomatic expressions made of four kanji characters are really helpful! Learning idiomatic expressions and understanding how to use them appropriately is one of the most difficult parts when studying a foreign language, but they are essential if you want to master the language. On Japonia Club blog they have a project that consists of teaching one yojijukugo per week. The idiomatic expression comes together with its translation in English and a picture of the characters written in shodo style.

Beside the study materials that you find on the blog, you can also read about Japanese culture, food, sightseeing spots in Japan or pop culture (manga, anime, etc.).

Japonia Club is a wonderful blog where you can discover new things about Japanese culture and study Japanese language in a funny way!