Nijijukugo: Kanji 1- 10


Let’s study more!

You can widen your vocabulary and remember kanji faster if you memorize a few words that contain the characters that you’ve just learned.

Nijijukugo for kanji #1 to #10 in our Learn Kanji every day project.

*There are kanji that you may not have learned yet. Click on them if you want to study them now.

月 (まいつき / maitsuki) = every month

月 (せんげつ / sengetsu) = last month


火 (はなび / hanabi) = fireworks

(かじ / kanji) = fire


(みずぎ / mizugi) = swimsuit

(すいどう / suidou) = water supply


木 (たいぼく / taiboku) = large tree

木 (うえき / ueki) = potted plant


(きんいろ / kin’iro) = golden (color)

現金 (げんきん / genkin) = cash money


土 (こくど / kokudo) = country, territory

土日 (どにち / donichi) = Saturday and Sunday, weekend


日 (まいにち / mainichi) = every day

(にほん・にっぽん / Nihon, Nippon) = Japan


一日 (いちにち / ichinichi) = one day

(ひとり / hitori) = one person


二月 (にがつ / nigatsu) = February

(ふたり / futari) = two people


三日 (みっか / mikka) = three days

(さんぜん / sanzen) = three thousand


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