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Welcome to Japonia.Club Blog! We have so many free learning contents. Currently we have:

  1. Kanji Learning (Free)
  2. Yoji Jukugo Learning (Free)
  3. Hottest Kanji Review (Free)
  4. Learn popular sightseeing spots in Japanese – World Quiz (Free)
  5. Introduction of Japanese Culture (Free)


Before we explain them, we want to show you the best way to get to know us. Blog recommendation Active Learning Style

  1. Bookmark top page of blog
  2. Follow Japonia.Club Social Media (Facebook and Instagram)
  3. Know our members and why we think Japonia.Club Blog is useful
  4. Know our contents and learn how you can study Japanese with us
  5. Check our Blog and social media constantly


1.Bookmark top page of blog

After bookmark, if possibl, please visit our blog every day and check our posts (we are posting something new every day). If not possible, please check our blog sometimes.


2.Follow Japonia.Club Social Media (Facebook and Instagram) and check the posts

Even though our main contents are on blog, we have also social media (Facebook and Instagram). If you have any social media, please check us!


2.1 Japonia.Club Blog Facebook

We have a facebook page.


On Facebook you see our news, new projects and weekly review news etc.


2.2 Japonia.Club Blog Instagram

We also use Instagram.


On Instagram we post Kanji etc. But please make sure you also check our blog for examples and sentences!


3. Know our team and why we think Japonia.Club Blog is useful

3.1 Japonia.Club Blog Team

To know our members, please check

Our Team


3.2 Our Passion and Our Voice – Blog

Our Passion and Our Voice Overview


4. Know our contents and how you can learn with us

We have so many contents. We recommend you get an overview of what we have and how you can learn with us. Please check this page:


How to study Japanese using Japonia.Club Blog


5. Check our Blog as a main content + social media

Our main contents are blog. Our examples are made by Japanese. Our Blog should be your core material and always have more contents. Social media is also useful to be updated.



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